Group Membership

Because of the success and growth our group is experiencing, we are setting up an application process for new members. We accept all writers of all levels and abilities—no writer is turned down because they’re new to writing or have never attended a conference or workshop. We just want to make sure new people are willing to make a commitment when joining our groups. Filling out the application shows us your commitment.

*We are experiencing a glitch with our online application. Please use our Contact Page and request an application through our contact form. We’ll e-mail an application to you. If you’ve filled out an online application and haven’t heard back from us, please contact us and ask for an application.

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You will be expected to consistently attend monthly critique sessions and provide written feedback on the submissions of up to five fellow members. For the 2500-word group, this translates to critiquing up to 12,500 words each month; for the 5000-word it will be up to 25,000 words monthly.

You will be required to attend at least two sessions of a critique group that is currently running before joining.

Your first session will be for observation; the second will be for participation. When you participate for the first time, you will submit your own work (not to exceed 1500 words, regardless of group) and provide feedback on the submissions of two group members.

Checking indicates you understand and agree.

When you join a group, your membership in that group will be probationary for the first two months. A veteran member in that group will then endorse your full membership. There will be at least one veteran member in each group to answer any questions/concern you might have.